Lina lietas literally means - linen goods

for you.

Responsible manufacturing ensures stress free products made with care. We create or resell only goods that we feel in our hearts. We aim to be human and nature friendly.

Something beautiful

Our aim is to provide the best looks while doing no compromises in ergonomics.

Made for you

If our standard pieces are too small or too big, no worries. Give us a call and we'll make it fit.

Nature calls

All our production is 100% energy efficient. We all have only one planet to spend our days.


We resell great quality linen goods that we've fallen in love with. As we search for special pieces that we truly love - they have very few variants and sizes.

Design pieces

Theses treasures come from the bottom of our hearts. They have been made with care, we've put a lot of time and effort for these pieces to be special and unique. to make it even more special - each garment is in one exemplar, so you'll have your own unique special piece.